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Spec Sheet Downloads

Please browse our library below for the appropriate style and specification PDF.  Our spec sheets are esentially catalog pages that you can print out and keep for reference. Designers and the public are welcome to use this library for free.



RFPB-8860           Classic Plain Back

RFPB-8863           Art Deco Style "V" Back

RFPB-8864           Hour-glass ") (" Back

RFPB-8866           Wide Vertical Channel Back

RFPB-8867           Classic Vertical Channel Back (6" Channels)

RFPB-8868           Classic Horizontal Channel Back (6" Channels)

RFPB-8870           Double Channel Back

RFPB-8873           Diamond Tufted Back w/ Frame

RFPB-8874           Classic Diamond or Biscuit Tufted Back

RFPB-8875           Modern Diamond Tufted Back

RFPB-8876           Plain Back w/ Head Roll

RFPB-8879           Wide Panel Channel w/ Head roll "|| ||" Back

RFPB-8881           Plain Back w/ Wave Head Roll

RFPB-8882           Semi-Crescent Top Back

RFPB-8883           Vertical Channel Back w/ Head Roll

RFPB-8885           Fully Laminated Booth

RFPB-8886           Classic Wood Panel Back w/ 3"D Seat

RFPB-8887           Clean Look Wood Panel Back w/ 3"D Seat

RFPB-8888           Wood Frame Encased Plain Back w/ 3"D Seat

RFPB-8889           Wood Panel Back w/ Upholstered Large Upholstered Back 3"D Seat

RFPB-8890           Flush Mounted Back Panel w/ Upholstered Cushion and 3"D Seat

RFPB-8891           Wood Panel Back w/ Upholstered Small Upholstered Back 3"D Seat & Molding Detail

RFPB-8892           Wood Panel Back w/ Floating Medium Cushion

RFPB-8894           Wood Plank Bench

RFPB-8896           Contemporary Wide Button Back w/ 3"D Seat

RFPB-8898           Zen Wood Panel Back w/ Cut-out

RFPB-8901           *New* Wooden Bench

RFPB-8902           *New* Triple Channel Back

RFPB-8903           *New* Upholstered Tufted Panel Back

RFPB-8904           *New* 3/4 Upholstered Wooden Back

RFPB-8905           *New* Step Corner w/ Upholstered Back

RFPB-8906           *New* Atari Upholstered Back

RFPB-8907           *New* Plain Back Seamless Finish



STT-2201              Laminate with Self Edge

STT-2202              Laminate with Bumper / T-Molding Edge

STT-2203              Laminate with Wooden Edge

STT-2204              Wood with Solid Wood Edge

STT-2207              Laminate Drop Leaf with Self Edge



RFPB-9000           Waiting Bench w/ Standard Black Kick Base (19"D x 19"H)

RFPB-9001           Ottomans (19"L x 19"H x 19"D)

RFPB-9002           Lounge Seating (Custom Total 30" or 33" Depth)



General seating arrangement diagram

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